Android SDK

Download Android SDK version 6.7.3  Download Android Demo Application 6.7.3
Note for Proguard users regarding Moat

Developers updating to SDK 6.7.2+ must update their Proguard as follows to enable MOAT viewability technology:

-keepclassmembers class com.ironsource.sdk.controller.IronSourceWebView$JSInterface {
    public *;
-keepclassmembers class * implements android.os.Parcelable {
    public static final android.os.Parcelable$Creator *;
-keep public class** {
   public *;
-keep class com.ironsource.adapters.** { *;
-dontwarn com.moat.**
-keep class com.moat.** { public protected private *; }

Quick Start Integration with Gradle

Note: Make sure to complete the SDK integration by following our Getting Started article.

To integrate our latest SDK, simply add the following to your app’s build.gradle file inside repositories section.

repositories {
    maven {
        url ""

Then add the following to the dependencies section:

dependencies {
    compile 'com.ironsource.sdk:mediationsdk:6.7.3@jar'

ironSource Mediation Networks

Updating the ironSource SDK & Mediation Adapters
When upgrading from an earlier SDK version to SDK 6.7.0 and above, you must update the mediation adapters. 

Manual Download for Mediation Adapters

Download the adapters from the table below and follow the ad network integration guides to access premium ad inventory through the ironSource mediation platform:

 Ad Network Supported SDK Version Rewarded Video Interstitial Banner Integration Guide Adapter & SDK
AdColony 3.2.1 Guide Download
AdMob 9.0.2 Guide Download
AppLovin 7.2.0  ✔ Guide Download
Chartboost 7.0.0 Guide Download
Facebook 4.26.0 Guide Download
HyprMX 4.1 Guide Download
InMobi 7.0.0  ✔ Guide Download
MediaBrix Guide Download
MoPub 4.15 Guide Download
ONE by AOL 6.3.1 Guide Download
Tapjoy 11.11.1 Guide Download
UnityAds 2.0.5  ✔ Guide Download
Vungle 5.1.0 Guide Download

The ironSource Adapters expedite the implementation of multiple ad networks in your app. An adapter contains the SDK of a specific ad network as well as the code needed to operate the ad network. There is no need to integrate any additional SDKs or implement any further code in your app.  It would just be extra work that has already been done for you! 

Supported Operating Systems

We support Android version 3.0 (API level 14) and higher.

Supported Features

  • Monetization Ad Units
    • Rewarded Offerwall
    • Rewarded Video
    • Full Screen Interstitial
    • New! Banner Mediation
  • Ad Network Mediation
    • Available For Rewarded Video
  • User Acquisition tracking – for use with the Supersonic App Promotion Network.

Additional Ad Networks

You can find a list of available Ad Networks supported on the ironSource Mediation platform including instructions on how to implement them in your app.

Change Log

16.11.2017 – SDK Version 6.7.3

  • Features
    • Added Smart Banner support for Admob, Facebook and InMobi: ad renders automatically in the best fitting format according to the size and orientation of the device
    • Instituted the ability to initialize different ad units (Rewarded Video, Interstitial, Offerwall, Banner) in one session at different touchpoints in the app flow
  • Mediation Networks
    • Updated Mediation Adapters
      • Admob: added Smart Banner support
      • Applovin: added banner enhancements
      • Facebook: added Smart Banner support
      • Inmobi: added Smart Banner support
      • MediaBrix: updated to version and updated the AndroidManifest


6.11.2017 – SDK Version 6.7.2

  • Features
    • Instituted Moat viewability technology


31.10.2017 – SDK Version 6.7.1

  • Features
    • Added event and callback that reports when end user clicks on the Rewarded Video ad
  • Mediation Networks
    • Updated Mediation Adapters
      • Admob
      • Applovin: Added Banner support
      • Chartboost: Updated to version 7.0
      • Facebook: Updated to version 4.26
      • Inmobi
      • MediaBrix
      • UnityAds
  • Bug Fixes
    • Optimized Admob banners in Samsung S8+
    • Banner events are no longer reported when interstitial ad unit is turned off


20.10.2017 – SDK Version

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue related to network state


17.10.2017 – SDK Version 6.7.0

    • Mediation Networks
      • Updated Mediation Adapters
        • AdColony
        • Admob
        • Applovin
        • Chartboost
        • Facebook
        • HyprMX
        • Inmobi
        • MediaBrix
        • Mopub
        • ONE by AOL
        • Tapjoy
        • UnityAds
        • Vungle

    12.9.2017 – SDK Version

    • Mediation Networks
      • Updated Mediation Adapters
        • Facebook
          – Secured against potential issues

    25.9.2017 – SDK Version 6.6.8

    • Bug Fixes
      • Resolved glitch in banners


    12.9.2017 – SDK Version 6.6.7

    • Mediation Networks
      • Updated Mediation Adapters
        • AdColony: Updated to version 3.2
        • HyprMX: Updated to version 4.2
        • Tapjoy: Updated to version 11.11.0
          -Secured against potential issues
        • UnityAds: Updated to version 2.1.1
      • Certified Mediated Networks with Android Oreo Compatibility
        • AdColony
    • Bug Fixes
      • Resolved threading issue in Rewarded Video during ad close



    • ironSource SDK 6.6.6 was uploaded
    • Updated Facebook Network Adapter with support for Facebook SDK version 4.25.0
    • New! The ironSource Mediation platform now supports the simultaneous activation of Vungle’s Rewarded Video or Interstitial 



    • New! Inmobi Banners are now supported on the ironSource Mediation platform



    • ironSource SDK 6.6.5 was uploaded
    • Updated Network Adapters: AdColony, Applovin, Facebook, Mediabrix



    • ironSource SDK was uploaded



    • ironSource SDK 6.6.4 was uploaded



    • Optimize banner view for tablets for Admob adapter



    • ironSource SDK 6.6.3 was uploaded
    • Updated Network Adapters: AppLovin



    • ironSource SDK was uploaded
    • Fixed issue to create deals for multiple ad units for the same ad network



    • ironSource SDK 6.6.2 was uploaded
    • Updated Ad Network Adapters: AdColony, AdMob, AppLovin, Chartboost,Facebook, HyprMX, Inmobi, Mediabrix, AOL, Tapjoy,Vungle and Unityads



    • Updated Network Adapters: AdColony, Chartboost, Facebook, Tapjoy and Vungle



    • ironSource SDK 6.6.1 was uploaded



    • Admob Network Adapter was updated



    • ironSource SDK 6.6.0 was uploaded
    • New! ironSource Banner Mediation for Facebook & Admob



    • ironSource SDK 6.5.3 was uploaded



    • Updated Ad Network Adapters: AppLovin, Chartboost, Inmobi, Mediabrix, ONE by AOL, Tapjoy and Unityads



    • Bug fix for SDK 6.5.2
    • ironSource SDK was uploaded



    • ironSource SDK 6.5.2 was uploaded
    • Updated Ad Network Adapters: AppLovin, Chartboost, Inmobi, Mediabrix, ONE by AOL, Tapjoy and Unityads



    • Updated Admob Ad Network Adapter



    • ironSource SDK 6.5.1 was uploaded
    • Updated Ad Network Adapters: Admob, Chartboost, Facebook, OAL by ONE, Tapjoy and UnityAds
    • New! Support for Admob Rewarded Video for SDK 6.5+
    • New! Support for OAL by ONE Rewarded Video for SDK 6.5+



    • ironSource SDK 6.5 was uploaded
    • Updated Ad Network Adapters: AdColony, Admob, AppLovin, Chartboost, Facebook, HyprMX, InMobi, MediaBrix, UnityAds, Tapjoy and Vungle
    • Automated SDK & Ad Unit Init
    • Optionalized UserID parameter
    • Static API Method
    • Standardized Method Naming
      For more details, read more here.


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