Xamarin iOS Adapters

Supported Operating Systems

Our Xamarin plugin supports iOS versions 8+.


Manual Download for Mediation Adapters

Download the adapters from the table below and follow the ad network integration guides to access premium ad inventory through the ironSource mediation platform as follows:

  1. In the Solution Explorer, right-click on the project name and select Add > Add Native Reference
  2. Select the framework that you just downloaded
Ad Network Supported SDK Version  Integration Guide Adapter & SDK
AdColony 4.1.0 Guide Download
AdMob 7.50.0 Guide Download
AppLovin 6.9.4 Guide Download
Facebook 5.6.0
Guide Download
HyprMX 5.1 Guide Download
UnityAds 3.3.0 Guide Download
Vungle 6.4.5 Guide Download