User Acquisition Products

Paid user acquisition is an important pillar that supports every mobile application’s success. ironSource offers several tools to promote your app by acquiring valuable and engaged users.

Your app can be distributed by ironSource’s various ad units, such as:

  • Offerwall ad (incentivized- Exclusively for Android)
  • Video ad (non-incentivized)
  • Interstitial ad (non-incentivized)
  • Native ad (incentivized and non-incentivized)


In addition, you can define the ad completion goal. Your ad goal could be for the user to click, open your app, reach a certain level, etc.
We support the following cost models:

  • CPCCost Per Click (You pay once a user clicks on your ad)
  • CPI Cost Per Install (You pay once a user installs and opens your app)
  • CPVCost Per View (You pay once a user views your video ad)
  • CPECost Per Engagement (You pay once a user reaches a certain level of engagement)
  • CPACost Per Action (You pay once a user takes a certain action you defined)



ironSource’s Self-Served platform supports by default  CPI or CPC on the Offerwall Ad Unit (Incentivized) for Android.
Campaigns with a budget of more than 1,000 USD can run with any ad units with a combination of any cost model. Contact your account manager or Submit a Request to run a customized user acquisition campaign.