Vungle Integration Guide

This guide will instruct you step-by-step on how to set Vungle live as an ad network on the ironSource Mediation platform.

Before You Start

  • Make sure you have correctly integrated ironSource’s Rewarded Video or Interstitial into your application.
  • The ironSource Mediation platform now supports the simultaneous activation of Vungle’s Rewarded Video or Interstitial for our iOS, Android and Unity SDK 6.6.5+ and Vungle adapter version 3.2.1+.

Step 1. Create a Vungle Account

  1. Create an account with Vungle. You can do so here.
  2. Once your account has been verified you can log in at their partner login here.

Step 2. Create an Application in Vungle

Once you log in, go to the Applications tab on the left side menu drop-down in the upper-left corner and click ‘Add Application‘:

Step 3.  Add a Placement

Click on the relevant app from the application list and on the app’s dedicated page, click ‘Add Placement‘:

Then input the necessary details to create a Vungle placement and click the ‘Sound Good‘ button. Yo will then see your ‘Placement Reference ID‘ of the newly created placement within the Placements page:3

Step 4. Activate Vungle on ironSource SDK Networks Module

There are 3 pieces of Data from the Vungle account which need to be inserted into your ironSource Network Setup Module in order for Vungle to work correctly in connection with ironSource:

Vungle App ID This is the unique identifier of your application in Vungle’s system.
Reporting API ID This is a unique identifier for your app in Vungle’s system, used with the Reporting API to track app performance.
Reporting API Key This is a unique identifier for your Vungle account. Along with the Reporting API ID, this will allow your ironSource Mediation Platform to import performance data from your Vungle account.
Placement Reference ID This is the unique identifier of the ad unit, necessary to differentiate Rewarded Video from Interstitial ads.

Once you obtain this information, you must configure Vungle’s parameters in your ironSource Account. By adding the above information correctly, you will be able to take full advantage of Vungle’s ad inventory and reporting data on ironSource‘s Mediation platform.

  1. Vungle Application ID

    Select ‘Details‘ from the top Navigation panel. You will see your ‘Account Stage‘. Select your account and the app that you want to run Vungle Ads on through ironSource‘s Mediation:
    Vungle integration with Supersonic Mediation - 04You will be redirected to the specific app’s page where you will be able to collect your ‘Vungle Application ID‘:
    Vungle integration with Supersonic Mediation - 05

  2. Reporting API ID

    Just below your  ‘Vungle Application ID‘, you will find your ‘Reporting API ID‘.

  3. Reporting API Key

    Select ‘Details‘ from the top Navigation panel once again. You will see your ‘Account Stage‘. Scroll to the bottom of this page and you will spot the ‘Users‘ section. Here you can view the ‘Reporting API‘:
    Vungle integration with Supersonic Mediation - 06

  4. Placement Name & Reference ID
    Navigate to the Pub/Management page and select the relevant application.
    There you will see a list of all the ad units created for this app with their placement name and Reference ID:


Activate Vungle on ironSource Platform

Once you’ve collected all necessary parameters, log in to your ironSource account.

  • Go to ‘Monetize‘ ➣ ‘Mediation‘ ➣ ‘Network Setup‘:ironsource-platform-mediation-network-setup
  • Select Vungle from the list of Available Ad Networks and enter the Vungle ‘API Key‘. You can also choose to activate Vungle ad inventory for all countries or specify to activate it in select countries:ironsource-vungle-account-settings
  • Click ‘Save‘.  Vungle will then be enabled in the Available Ad Networks table.
  • Select the app on which you’d like to run ironSource’s Rewarded Video and/or Interstitial with Vungle.
  • Select Vungle from the Setup list of Ad Networks and click on ‘Define‘. Insert the App ID‘ and the ‘Reporting API ID‘. Then enter the Placement Name and Placement Reference ID for Rewarded Video or Interstitial in the relevant fields. Set status to Active and click ‘Save’.

    You will then see Vungle as Active in the Setup Module.
  • New! Verify your integration with the Reporting API; this column will check your integration through the Reporting API and return three possible responses: Verified, Failed and No Response. Double check your integration and the information you entered above; then click ‘Retry‘ until you see ‘Verified’.

Step 5. Add the Vungle Adapter to Your Build

Unity Plugin (Android Integration)

  1. Download the Vungle Unity Package:
    Add ISVungleAdapter_[version].unitypackage to your build. You can find the latest Vungle Unity package here.
  2. Add the Vungle files to your project:
    1. To add the Adapter, simply double click on the IronSourceVungleAdapter_[version].unitypackage and add all files to your unity project.
    2. Download converter-gson-2-2-0logging-interceptor-3-7-0gson-2-7okhttp-3-7-0okio-1-12-0retrofit-2-2-0fetch-1.1.5.jar. Add the jars to your project under Assets/Plugins/Android/IronSource/libs.
Disclaimer: Plugin version 6.7.1

To accommodate changes in Unity version 5.5, the ironSource Plugin version 6.7.1 requires Android Manifests to be added separately for the Plugin and mediation adapter. If you are updating your plugin or currently running on 6.7.1, make sure to add the manifest activities noted in the Android documentation.

For Proguard Users Only

If you are using ProGuard with the Vungle adapter, you must add the following code to your ProGuard file:

# Vungle
-keep class com.vungle.warren.** { *; }
-dontwarn com.vungle.warren.error.VungleError$ErrorCode
# Moat SDK
-keep class com.moat.** { *; }
-dontwarn com.moat.**
# Okio
-dontwarn org.codehaus.mojo.animal_sniffer.IgnoreJRERequirement
# Retrofit
-dontwarn okio.**
-dontwarn retrofit2.Platform$Java8
# Gson
-keepattributes Signature
-keepattributes *Annotation*
-dontwarn sun.misc.**
-keep class** { *; }
-keep class * implements
-keep class * implements
-keep class * implements
# Google Android Advertising ID
-keep class** { *; }

Unity Plugin (iOS Integration)

  1. Download the Vungle Unity Package
    Import the ISVungleAdapter_[version].unitpackage to your Unity project. You can find the latest Vungle Unity package here.
  2. Add the Vungle files to your Unity project
    To add the adapter, simply double click on the ISVungleAdapter_[version].unitpackage and add all files to your Unity project.
    Note: If you are upgrading from a previous version, please remove Vungle.x.x.x.framework from Assets/Plugins/iOS/IronSource.
    Our Unity Plugin adds the necessary frameworks automatically to your Xcode project.

Evaluate Your Ad Network Integration

  • Verify your ad network integration with our Integration Helper. The ironSource SDK provides a tool to ensure you’ve successfully integrated our SDK as well as any additional network adapters.
  • Manage the debug logs for your integrated mediation ad networks with this boolean


    When set to TRUE, this line of code will enable debug logs to help you troubleshoot issues with all of the mediation ad networks that permit to do so.  Remove this code before your app goes live with our ad units! Supported for SDK versions 6.5.2 and up.

You are now all set to deliver Vungle Ads within your application!

What’s Next?

To leverage additional ad networks through ironSource Mediation, integrate the adapters and follow our integration guides