Update your project to include the Unity Integration Manager

ironSource has released a new Unity package to support the ironSource Integration Manager tool. This tool is based on Google External Dependency Manager for Unity (formerly Play Services Resolver).

Once you download ironSource latest SDK, including Integration Manager, you’ll be able to update the latest versions of ironSource SDK and adapters directly from your Unity development platform. 


Follow the steps below to add Unity Integration Manager to your existing project. 


  • Unity Developer Version 2017.2 or above
  • For iOS – Cocoapods applied

Add Integration Manager to your project

If you already have ironSource Unity SDK installed in your project, please follow the instructions below. If this your first time to add ironSource Unity SDK in your project, please follow the steps here.

Delete the ironSource Directories

ironSource Integration Manager supports different directories than those used today. Before adding Unity Integration Manager to your project, you should delete the existing ironSource directories. Deleting the directories won’t affect any of your network integrations.

Follow these steps to delete existing directories: 

  • Go to your Unity project
  • Delete the following ironSource folders:
    • Assets → ironSource
    • Plugins → Android → ironSource
    • Plugins → iOS → ironSource

Update to new ironSource SDK

The Unity Integration Manager is part of ironSource SDK Version and above. Follow these steps to update your SDK to the latest version, and add the Integration Manager. 

  • Download the latest ironSource SDK version from here.
  • Go to your Unity project
  • Double-click on the downloaded file; the different files will be populated automatically as shown below:

Manage SDK and Adapter versions

Once you’ve updated your Unity package for the new SDK and Integration Manager, you’ll be able to view the ironSource sub-menu in the Unity menu bar.

To upgrade your SDK or Adapter versions:

  • Go to ironSource > Integration Manager
  • Choose “Install” or “Update”

If you already have the latest version of ironSource SDK or Adapters, the action button will be changed to “Updated”, and will be disabled.


To apply your changes, make sure you use the “Resolve” process. This will download all relevant artifacts, according to your choices.

Manual Resolve
Go to: Assets → Play Services Resolver → Android → Resolve

 This action should be performed after each change in the ironSource Integration Manager.

If you’re using Automatic Resolve, all updates will be performed when closing the Integration Manager window.


Make sure that Cocoapods is installed:
Go to: Assets → Play Service Resolver → iOS Resolver → Install Cocoapods

External Dependency Manager Changes

ironSource Unity SDK supports External Dependency Manager (formerly Play Services Resolver / Jar Resolver), from SDK Version 6.16.1+.
If you plan to upgrade your project to ironSource Unity SDK Version 6.16.1+ from ironSource SDK Version 6.15.0, 6.15.1 or 6.16.0;  please follow the steps below, to make sure your integration will be completed successfully.

  • Go to your Unity project
  • Delete the following folder:
    • Assets → PlayServicesResolver
  •  Import the new IronSource_IntegrationManager_vXXX.unitypackage
    Once the import is completed, the new ExternalDependecyManager folder will be added, under the Assets folder