Campaign Setup

Seamlessly create and promote titles via ironSource’s Campaign Generator.
To begin configuring your campaign, select ‘New Campaign’ in the ‘Management’ page. 


Basic information

  1. All fields are mandatory except for budget and scheduling.
    1. Note that if left as-is your campaign will run with an unlimited budget, and will launch immediately after review.
  2. All fields aside from the title are editable after the campaign is saved.
    1. Editing the click or impression URLs can affect campaign performance and reporting. It is best to check with your AM prior to making changes to these links post-launch.
  3. Select the title from the drop-down or ‘Add new title’ and input the App Store or Google Play URL.


  1. Select the tracking solution used for attribution. ironSource has integrations with 6 popular mobile measurement partners.
  2. Input both the click and impression URLs for full tracking and reporting capabilities. In order to create the campaign, you must have properly formatted tracking URLs containing our required macros. If using the default URLs from the MMPs, all formatting will be correct.

Bid & Countries

  1. We currently only support CPI campaigns.
  2. Adjust the bids per country accordingly.

Creative Sets

  1. A Creative Set represents the user’s experience from impression to click.
  2. Create new or apply a previously-uploaded Creative Set.
  3. You can apply an existing Creative Set that is linked to a different title by adjusting the title in the dropdown and selecting the preferred Creative Set.
  4. We recommend launching a campaign with no more than 4 Creative Sets.
  5. For more information refer to the Creative Sets article.

Select ‘Save and Go Live!’ to launch.
Note that the campaign will be under review until your account manager approves the creatives and confirms tracking.