November News

ironSource is proud to announce new dashboard and product features for our developers! We are constantly working on new developments to improve our mobile monetization and promotion solutions.

New Features on the Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center’s aim is to provide a robust platform to ease the product integration process, provide valuable resources and contain all the answers to your integration questions.

We’re really excited to announce the following new features that provide better functionality in the Knowledge Center and complete product transparency for our developers:

  • SDK & Adapter Compatibility Checker
    You can now verify what adapter versions your SDK supports on the Mediation Network articles.
  • Copy & Paste Code Snippets
    Click on the copy button in every code snippet and it will be transferred to your clipboard.
  • Feedback Widget
    Share your integration experience and documentation feedback with us so we can continue to improve the Knowledge Center.
  • Mobile Responsive
    Consult our documentation on the go! The Knowledge Center can now be explored on mobile devices.

Rapidly Go Live with Our Ad Units

You can now go live with our ad units before you enter your payment details. We removed this step in the process to enable developers who haven’t finalized their payment preferences yet to still be able generate revenue in the meantime. This in order to ensure you don’t miss a dollar in app revenue!

Archive Your Apps & Placements

You can now easily archive apps and placements that aren’t currently in use and restore them easily if you’d like to use them again in the future! We want to make sure your dashboard is as clear and uncluttered as possible.

Adobe Air Plugin with iOS 10 Support

We released a new Adobe Air Plugin with full iOS 10 support, including mediation adapters. Install the new version here.