Campaign Setup

This article will guide you on how to create a user acquisition campaign with the help of the new and improved Campaign Manager. Mobile user acquisition campaigns are necessary  to successfully promote your mobile application to an engaged user base; and we’ve added new capabilities to make it easier for you to create better advertising campaigns!

Step 1. Navigate to the Campaign Manager

To add a new campaign, simply go to the ‘Promote‘ tab and navigate to the Campaigns page where you will find the ‘New Campaign‘ button.


Step 2. Select the App to Promote

If you wish to promote an app you’ve already added to your ironSource account, simply select it from the dropdown presented to you.

If you want to promote a new app, click on the ‘New App‘ tab, enter the app’s URL and click ‘Import App Info‘.
Alternatively, if you’ve already created a campaign and want to duplicate it, you will see a ‘Clone Campaign‘ tab. Simply select the existing campaign to duplicate.


Step 3. Enter Your Campaign Details

The Campaign Manager is comprised of 6 sections:

  1. Targeting

  2. Budget

  3. Scheduling

  4. Creative

  5. Tracking

  6. General Information

For every section, you will find a dedicated Help & Support section.


In this section, define your target audience, and the type of ads you wish to promote your app with.The better targeted your campaign, the quicker you will meet your campaign goals.

  1. Country: Select the countries in which you’d like to run your promotion campaign and click ‘Apply‘.
  2. Device Type: For iOS, you will be able to choose between iPhone, iPad and iPod.
  3. Rewarded App Installs: For Android, you can choose to reward your users for viewing the ad by selecting ‘Allow‘. If you’d prefer to run non-rewarded ads, select ‘Disable‘.
  4. Ad Unit: You can promote your app with Interstitials (iOS, Android), Offerwall (Android) or Rewarded Video (iOS, Android) and Native (iOS, Android). Select your ad units and click ‘Apply‘.


In this section, you will define the campaign pricing model, bid and budget.


  1. Campaign Type:
    For iOS, you will only be able to run CPE (Cost per Engagement) campaigns to promote your app. For Android, choose between CPI (Cost per Install), CPC (Cost per Click) or CPE (Cost per Engagement).
    Note: CPI and CPC appear identical on the ironSource Offerwall (user is prompted to install and open the app both on CPI and CPC) while the only difference is the count of ad completions.
  2. Bid: Set the price you are willing to pay for every install, click or action. The minimum bid is $0.10.
    The higher your bid, the more prominent your promotion will be placed across our network.
  3. Total Budget: Set the campaign’s overall budget.
  4. Daily Budget: Allocate your budget by dat to ensure your campaign is well paced. This will also make sure you don’t exhaust your funds too quickly.


In this section, you will be asked to set a timeframe for your campaign.

  1. Start Date: Schedule your campaign down to the day and hour or select ‘Start Now‘.
  2. End Date: Set an End Date for your campaign or select ‘No End Date‘ in which case the campaign will run until it reaches the Total Budget.


In this section  you can upload the assets for your ad; for CPI and CPE campaigns, you will need to upload a high-resolution video and images.


If you’d like your campaign to support video ads, make sure to add in images for the end card. You can preview the ad before you save your campaign. All added assets will be available through the Media library for future use. CPC campaigns don’t need assets, so you can skip this section when creating a CPC campaign.


In this section, you will define how you’d like to track your campaign’s performance.


You can use any of our supported third-party tracking services (Kochava, Tune, Ad-X, AppsFlyer, AdEven/, Tenjin) or select the ‘Server2Server‘ to utilize ironSource Tracking SDK.

Important! If you choose ironSource Tracking SDK, follow this documentation to integrate the ironSource SDK before setting your user acquisition campaign.

General Information

Lastly, in this section, name your campaign and add any notes for our team, if necessary.

Once all the above has been filled in, click ‘Review and Save‘!


Your campaign is now saved with Under Review status.