What is app monetization?

App monetization is a method used by app developers to generate revenue from their apps. There are a number of app monetization strategies, including in-app advertising, in-app purchases, one-time payments, and subscriptions. 

Monetization products

ironSource enables monetization through mobile app advertising in the form of banner ads, interstitial ads, rewarded video ads, and offerwalls. The ads are integrated directly into the app experience and may complement the in-app economy to ensure a non-disruptive user experience and increased engagement. Ads are served from top network advertisers, and partners are paid each time their users interact with any of the ads in their app. 

Rewarded video

Users can opt-in to watch a video ad in exchange for a reward, usually in the form of in-game currency (coins, elixirs, gold). The video is accessed by an in-game icon or message, called a traffic driver, that is entirely opt-in, and usually displayed as a call-to-action button in your app.  Follow this guide to set up Rewarded Video on your ironSource account.


Users are served a system-initiated full-screen ad, either static, playable, video or in the form of an interactive end cards during natural transition points in the app. Interstitials can be rewarded. Follow this guide to set up Interstitials on your ironSource dashboard. 


This ad unit grants the user the opportunity to access the ironSource  Offerwall and complete an offer in exchange for a reward. The Offerwall is accessed by an in-game icon or message, entirely opt-in. The offers within this ad unit are versatile as users can choose from videos, surveys, mini-games, and click campaigns. The reward is in virtual currency. Follow this guide to set up the Offerwall on your ironSource dashboard.