Measurement URLs

How to configure attribution measurement URLs

Follow these steps to configure your campaign attribution measurement URLs:

  1. Go to your account in the desired attribution company
  2. Generate ironSource Click URL
    • Make sure all relevant postbacks are enabled in the attribution company (install and post-install)
  3. Paste it into the corresponding input fields in the ‘Campaign Generator
  4. The impression URL will be automatically generated for you, based on the click URL. When configuring the impression URL, make sure to enable VTA in the attribution company’s dashboard

The click measurement URLs can be modified after the campaign is live. Each click URL modification will automatically be applied on the impression URL.

Supported attribution companies

ironSource supports the following attribution companies:

  • Adjust
  • AppsFlyer
  • Kochava
  • Singular
  • Tenjin
  • Branch/Tune

For additional attribution solutions please contact us

Measurement URL stickiness

For ease of campaign setup, the system stores the last uploaded URL for a specific title, and the click and impression URLs will populate in the corresponding fields for new campaigns. You can choose to use these URLs, or you can edit/swap to new URLs. This has no effect on existing campaigns.

Supported placeholders

The measurement URLs can support a variety of placeholders, many of which already exist in the measurement URL templates. You can add as many additional parameters as you’d like.

These are the supported placeholders:

  • {AdType} – The creative type shown
  • {AdvertiserId} –  Your advertiser ID within ironSource
  • {AdvertiserAppId} – The campaign’s bundle ID (Android) or track ID (iOS)
  • {ApplicationId} – ironSource’s application ID in which the click occurred
  • {ApplicationName} – ironSource’s application name in which the click occurred
  • {AppURL} – The appstore URL in which the click occurred
  • {BundleID} – The bundle ID of the application in which the click occurred
  • {Category} – The category of the application in which the click occurred
  • {DeveloperName} – The developer of the application in which the click occurred
  • {CreativeSetID} – Creative set ID shown
  • {CreativeSetName} – Creative set name shown
  • {BusinessModel} – The campaign cost model (cpi,cpa, cpc, cpcv or empty for any other model)
  • {CampaignId} – ironSource Campaign ID
  • {CampaignName} – ironSource Campaign Name
  • {Channel} – The ad unit
  • {Country} – The device’s country code
  • {DeviceId} – The AID (for Android) or the IFA (for iOS) of the device
  • {DeviceModel} – The device model
  • {DynamicParameter} – A unique click ID or impression ID generated by ironSource. This is a mandatory parameter for both the click and impression URLs
  • {IP} – The IP address of the click
  • {LAT} – The Limit Ad Tracking status of the device (1 for LAT enabled, 0 otherwise)
  • {Os} – The device OS (Android/iOS)
  • {OsVersion} – The device OS version
  • {PayOut} – The bid at the time of the click or impression
  • {Ua} – The device’s user agent (encoded)
  • {PlatformType} – The platform
  • {PPI} – The device’s screen resolution