Support for offerwall end users

ironSource provides customer support to app end users who complete incentive offers on the ironSource offerwall.

How support works

  • If a user is missing rewards for an offer they claim to have completed, they should: 
    1. Open a missing rewards ticket via the In Progress Tab (available after 24 hours from click time) on the offerwall. Offers remain on the In Progress tab for 60 days. 
    2. Attach proof of the offer completion (reach level, purchase, etc.)
    3. User receives an email containing a ticket number.  
    4. All tickets are reviewed by the CS Team within 24-48 hours and an automated email is sent to the users in reply. 
  • Ticket automation  – The automation process runs every hour and reviews tickets with up to $5 reward value. The system will check if a confirmation was received from the advertiser, then approves or denies the ticket, accordingly.  
  • Denied tickets – When we do not receive the completion confirmation postback from the advertiser or tracking company, tickets are denied and an automated email is sent to the user. Advertisers do not provide us with a specific reason for denial.s.

Why tickets may be denied 

    1. Initial install was not done via ironSource offerwall  
    2. The completion is not attributed to ironSource offerwall
    3. Use of VPN to complete offers was not targeted to the user’s geo
    4. The offer was not completed according to the requirements (eg., not a first time installer, did not complete the required action, did not complete the action within the required time-frame). 

For each approval or denial of a ticket, the user receives an automated email to the email address they specified when they opened a ticket. Users must validate their email addresses when they communicate with ironSource for the first time. 

  • Escalation post first ticket denial – If the user thinks the denial of his ticket is unjustified, they have the option to reply to the denial email
  • Re-check process with the advertisers – If the user provided proof of completion, the CS team will attempt to have the claim re-checked by the relevant advertiser. This process may take a few weeks until it’s resolved, since it depends on the responsiveness of the advertiser. The goal is to resolve the issue within 10-14 business days. 
  • The advertiser checks if they see an event completion for the device ID and if the install is attributed to ironSource and replies with a confirmation if the user’s claim is eligible or not. The eligible users will get their completion re-fired and rewards will be granted.  

How end users open a ticket for missing rewards 

Users open a Missing Rewards Ticket via their offerwall IN PROGRESS tab. If the offer is not listed in the IN PROGRESS tab anymore (removed after 60 days from click date), users won’t be able to open a ticket.

  1. On the offerwall, head to the IN PROGRESS tab
  2. Click on the offer to dispute and click Contact support at the bottom of the window. This will take you to the Support Status page
  3. Click on the Missing Rewards? link on the status page, next to the offer title
  4. Provide ALL of the required information, including a valid email address and a description of the issue experienced.
  5. The Submit button will be activated.  The user can upload a screenshot which may be helpful, but is not required
  6. Click on Submit Ticket and save the ticket number for future communication with ironSource


  1. Only completions approved by the advertiser will be rewarded. Proof alone is not sufficient for approval. 
  2. All offers require users to be first time installers. Reinstalling does not qualify as a new user. 
  3. Users may be rewarded only ONCE for each offer title. 
  4. Users may open a ticket within 60 days from the initial click date. If the offer is no longer listed on the In Progress tab, users will not be able to open a ticket.