May News

ironSource is proud to announce new dashboard and product features for our developers! We are constantly working on new developments to improve our mobile monetization and promotion solutions.

CocoaPods & Gradle Automated Script

The Knowledge Center now boasts an easy way to add Ad Network¬†Adapters to your app for iOS and Android. Simply select the mediation adapters you’d like to integrate from the Mediation Networks article and copy the assembled script to your code!


Daily Engaged Users Data for Offerwall

You can now track your daily users that engage with the Offerwall on the ironSource User Activity Reporting module. Data is available for apps integrated with SDK 6.5.1+.


Banner Mediation

ironSource has partnered with the industry’s leading banner solutions to expand our ad unit suite! You can now serve¬†Admob and Facebook Banners through ironSource Mediation on iOS, Android and Unity. If you don’t have this ad unit enabled on your dashboard, contact us! Read our integration documentation here.