January News

ironSource is proud to announce new dashboard and product features for our developers! We are constantly working on new developments to improve our mobile monetization and promotion solutions.

We’re excited to announce the release of the latest & greatest ironSource SDK 6.5. The new SDK includes major improvements to our interface to improve usability and ease the integration process. In addition, you’ll find a few added features to optimize revenue generation in your app!

Automated SDK & Ad Unit Initialization

The Mediation SDK will initialize the relevant ad units, instead of you needing to initialize each ad unit separately. The initialization of the ad units will occur according to the configurations you previously set on the ironSource dashboard. However, you’ll still have the option to set ad unit per init if desired, maintaining the initializing flexibility in this regard. This minimizes the code and logic required on your app and improves the quality of the SDK.

In addition, we’ve added a retry for the Offerwall and Interstitial ad units in the case of an internet fail during the SDK initialization. This ensures you maximize the revenue potential for each ad unit.
SDK 6.4 and below: You initialize each ad unit separately with a line of code for each init:

[[Supersonic sharedInstance] initRVWithAppKey:APP_KEY withUserId:USER_ID];
[[Supersonic sharedInstance] initISWithAppKey:APP_KEY withUserId:USER_ID];
[[Supersonic sharedInstance] initOWWithAppKey:APP_KEY withUserId:USER_ID];

SDK 6.5+: Single SDK initialization that includes all init logic

[IronSource initWithAppKey:appKey];
[IronSource initWithAppKey:appKey adUnits:ISOfferwall, ISRewardedVideo, ISInterstitial, nil];

Optionalized UserID

The userID parameter is now an optional value in the init request. If you wish to continue to use it as usual, you must be sure to set it prior to your init request. If you choose not to set the userID or the value is invalid, we will simply generate a unique ID on our end and save it for all further sessions.

SDK 6.4 and below: The UserID parameter in the init request is a mandatory value
SDK 6.5+: The UserID parameter in the init request is an optional value to use at your discretion

[IronSource setUserId:userId];

Static API Method

We’ve altered the SDK to be statically accessible instead of accessible through a single created instance (singleton). A static API will allow you to directly communicate with our SDK, rather than creating and managing a singleton object.
The API calls will be static and there is no need to use the SDK’s singleton directly. We will handle all necessary logic regarding the SDK’s instance internally. This simplifies the communication with the ironSource API and eases the integration process.
SDK 6.4 and below: Dynamic API method that necessitates the creation of several instances to communicate with the ironSource SDK

SDK 6.5+: Static API method that handles a single instance to communicate with the ironSource SDK

Standardized Method Naming

We’ve renamed some of our methods to correlate with the standard technical conventions, specific for each coding language. We’ve also rebranded the entire API to ironSource to clear unnecessary confusion between Supersonic & ironSource naming in the SDK and documentation. This upgrade aligns our methods with developer expectations.

SDK 6.4 and below: Method naming doesn’t entirely correlate with tech conventions

[[Supersonic sharedInstance] isAdAvailable];

SDK 6.5+: Method naming is in line with standard tech conventions

(void)didReceiveRewardForPlacement:(ISPlacementInfo *)placementInfo
[IronSource hasRewardedVideo];

We’d love to hear your feedback on the new API and its features. so let us know what you think. We’re here to guide you through this transition to maximize your app’s success!

*** All examples are in iOS (Objective-c)