COPPA and child-directed apps

IronSource Mobile has designed its service to comply with the US Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”).  In this post, we explain how we work with mobile apps that tell us they are child-directed apps subject to COPPA.

How publishers can identify an app to which COPPA applies

When a publisher adds a new app to our platform or at any time while using our platform, the publisher can inform us if the app is directed to children under 13 in the United States. Once an app developer informs ironSource that an app is directed to children under 13 in the United States, such app will be designated as child-directed by ironSource.  .

Collection and use of data from a child-directed app

For an app that is designated as a child-directed app by ironSource, the following restrictions apply:

1)      We use the data that we collect from a child-directed app only to serve contextual ads, for frequency capping, and for other activities to support our internal operations or the internal operations of the app, as permitted by COPPA.

2)         We  “flag” the fact that an app is child-directed in a standard format that is recognized by the industry when transferring persistent identifiers from a child-directed app to other entities that may serve advertising in the app, so that these entities can limit their practices accordingly..

3)         We will not deliver survey ads or other campaigns that ask, prompt, encourage, or enable users to disclose personal information to apps flagged as child-directed apps.

App developers under age 13

ironSource’s terms and conditions prohibit app developers who are under age 13 from using our services. We recently removed language referring to this restriction from our privacy policy to prevent any confusion about the fact that our services can be used on child-directed apps subject to the COPPA restrictions summarized above.  This restriction on developers who are under age 13 remains in place, but it now appears in our mandatory terms and conditions.