Banner ad

A banner ad is a rectangular ad that is typically displayed on the top or bottom of the screen and remains in place for the entire user session. Banner ads can be static or dynamic.

This is what a banner looks like:

Banner ad

Benefits of banner ads

Banner advertising serves as an easy, quick, and cost-effective way to generate immediate interest. Banners are the oldest form of advertisement and can make an instant impression at a minimum cost.

Banner advertising should be used not only to pique the curiosity of prospects but also to help retain them by promoting brand awareness.

Supported sizes

320 x 50: This ad size is the most common among mobile app advertisers, especially in hyper-casual games and non-gaming apps.

320 x 90: This size is great for animated or video banners.

300 x 250: The medium rectangular banner often goes in the middle of app content, which users can view as they scroll through a feed.

320 x 50 (if screen height is ≤ 720) and 728 x 90 (if screen height is > 720): Smart banners adjust for mobile phones and tablets, depending on the size of the device.

Supported placements

Banner will be centered at the top of the screen

Banner will be centered at the bottom of the screen

Banner design best practices

Because of their small size, a good banner should be eye catching and easy to understand.

  • Give the logo the highest visibility
  • Use simple copy
  • Make the call to action button stand out

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