How to activate Facebook Audience Network bidding

Before you start Check that your application is using the supported SDK version. For rewarded video and Interstitials, support is available from SDK 6.11.0+
For banners, support is available from SDK and adapter version 4.3.19
For iOS apps, Facebook supports bidding only
If an update is required, you can find the latest SDK here 

Tips to help you get started

When launching bidding, we highly recommend the following:

  • Integrate ironSource SDK version 6.11.0 (For banners, support is available from SDK . It’s recommended to update to the latest SDK version.
  • Transfer all ad formats for the same OS from tag to bidding at the same time.
  • Launch all countries live on tag at the same time to bidding. 
  • Use the existing top revenue tag placement for bidding and for each ad format/OS. You will still be able to change your metrics for bidding and waterfall at placement level using Monetization Manager. You do not need to edit the existing placement price setting, we will disregard any price target set at placement level for bidding. Once bidding is activated delete the original instance in the ironSource platform from which you fetched the placement value.

Note: If you don’t have Facebook Audience Network active in ironSource mediation, follow the networks setup instructions article to get started or reach out to

Facebook Audience Network bidding setup

Note:  There is no need for prior approval from Facebook to activate bidding.  The instance will automatically start bidding once activated.

If you’re already using Facebook as a network:

  1. Access your account in the ironSource platform
  2. Under Monetize, go to the SDK Networks page and select the relevant app
  3. You’ll see Facebook as a network in the bidding section

  4. Set up Facebook bidding for the relevant ad unit with an existing placement ID that’s already in use and yielding the highest revenue. Then, activate Facebook Audience Network.

  5. Do not keep both tag and bidding active for Facebook. Turn off any other active Facebook tag instances. Make sure that only bidding is active for Facebook.
  6. Update your ironSource AM and Facebook POC that you’ve activated bidding

Important! A network can’t be live with traditional instances and bidding at the same time. Make sure that you don’t have any traditional instances active with any network that you are using for bidding.

Use the bidding test tool

ironSource’s bidding test tool can help you quickly understand if adding Facebook Audience Network as a bidder to your waterfall is a more lucrative monetization strategy than using Facebook as a traditional instance.

Watch this how-to video to learn how to set up a bidding test.