Campaign Management

All of the campaigns you create appear in the Campaign Management list. This is a comprehensive table that gives you information on all of your past, present and future campaigns and provides links to edit and review reports.

To view the Campaign Management list, navigate to Promote ➣ Campaigns.
Supersonic Campaign Management
Under Filter By, filter the campaigns to narrow down the selection of campaigns. You can filter by campaign name, by app, by country or by status.
You can also use the Quick Filter to search for campaign names or Campaign IDs.
Click on the column header to sort by one of the columns. Click it again to reverse the order.

Each row contains the following information:

  • Campaign ID: The campaign’s unique ID
  • Name: The campaign’s name
  • Target Countries: All of the countries that the campaign targets
  • Budget: The overall budget for the campaign
  • Payout/Bid: Amount you pay per install
  • Start Date/End Date: The campaign’s time range
  • Time Zone: Relevant for the start and end dates
  • Status: Gives you the option to activate or deactivate a campaign
  • The icons in the Actions column:
    • This icon opens the campaign’s Overview page, which includes information and options for the campaign:
      Supersonic Action Overview Icon
    • This icon opens a preview in another tab of the ad unit:
      Supersonic Action Icon Preview
    • This icon opens the Campaign Wizard to edit the campaign:
      Supersonic Action Icon Wizard 3
    • This icon duplicates the campaign to use as a base in creating a new campaign, saving you time and reducing possible errors:
      Supersonic Action Icon Duplicate