SDK Change Log

SDK Release Date Notes
7.0.4 2020/12/03 • Ad Kotlin support (version 1.3.72)
• Crash protections 2020/10/22 • ANR fix, related to Browser User Agent
• bug fix, resolves ironSource ShowFail increase (raised on 7.0.2)
7.0.3 2020/10/14 • Support LevelPlay Ad Revenue Measurements SDK API (ARM)
7.0.2 2020/09/30 • Fix crash in init process using 3rd party mediations
• Deprecate setAge and setGender APIs. For reporting UnderAge, please use setMetaData functionality as described in the AdMob and Applovin integration guides
• Banner Bidding support 2020/09/02 • Adjustments in core modules
7.0.1 2020/09/01 • ANR fix related to IronSourceSharedPrefHelper
7.0.0 2020/08/13 • Remove default User ID logic from supported networks 
6.18.0 2020/07/29 • Add support for Target SDK Version 30
• Improve bidding performances of ironSource network 

Improve security in Android core modules
• Bug fix related to upper /lower case changes in Turkish locale
6.17.0 2020/06/10 • Rewarded Video caching improvements for bidding flow
• ANR fix when using ironSource setConsent in 3rd party mediations
• From this version on, all Android adapters will be released as AAR, and will not bundle the network SDKs
Important! This SDK version requires you to update all your network adapters to the latest version (or any version compatible with SDK Version 6.17.0). This will ensure your configuration in up-to-date 
6.16.2 2020/06/01 • Bug fix in cross promotion for bidding instances
6.16.1 2020/04/30 • Rewarded Video caching improvements for bidding flow
• Fix VPN problems 
• Fixed Track Network State behaviour when connectivity changes
6.16.0 2020/04/07 • Caching improvements 
• Improved internet connection tracking 
• Improved fill rate accuracy 
• ANR fix when using ironSource in 3rd party mediations
• Fixed crash when banner is destroyed after load
Note! From this version on, ironSource Android SDK will be released as AAR and not as JAR 2020/03/12 • Bug fix: Resolved potential deadlock
• Integration helper fix
6.15.0 2020/03/03 • LevelPlay Improvements:
      • Enabled bidding technology for brand buyers
      • Improves auction request logic to reduce latency
Banner Boost! Enhance the architecture for banner support on ironSource mediation. This will be followed by adding new networks supporting banners.
• Improved On-Pause functionality of ironSource network 
• Fix RV crashes 2020/02/18 • Crash fixes
6.14.0 2020/02/05 • Add ‘Do Not Sell’ support for ironSource mediation and network 
• Enhanced crash protections 2020/01/13 • Bug fix in event mechanism which caused a drop in app fill rate reporting. 
• Crash fixes 
6.13.0 2020/01/07 • Support Open Measurement SDK
6.12.0 2019/12/29 • Performance enhancements
6.11.1 2019/12/11 • Crash fixes
6.11.0 2019/12/01 • Improve LevelPlay notification mechanism
• Minor bug fixes
6.10.2 2019/11/7 • ironSource network In-App Bidding improvements
• Banner mediation bug fix which may cause crashes
6.10.1 2019/09/25 • Rewarded Video mechanism improvements
6.10.0 2019/09/13 • Rewarded Video in-app bidding for ironSource network
• In-app bidding mediation improvements
• Fixed bugs that originated in no-connectivity scenarios
• ironSource network Interstitial in-app biding improvements 2019/08/07 Not an SDK Update
• support-v4 library is no longer required for the integration
6.9.1 2019/08/01 • Rewarded Video Bidding mediation – bug fixes
• Rewarded Video ironSource network – Fixed a bug which may cause black screen ad in case of back-to-back video rendering
• Cleanup of deprecated dormant location logic
6.9.0 2019/07/14 • Interstitial in-app bidding for ironSource network
In-app bidding mediation improvements
• Redundant WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission removal
6.8.5 2019/06/18 • Rewarded Video – In-app bidding improvements
• Rewarded Video – Networks’ availability checks and responses are now counted upon action rather upon impression.
• Offerwall – events firing bug fix
6.8.4 2019/05/09 • Improved Rewarded Video logic for ironSource network within third-party party mediation
6.8.3 2019/04/08 • In-app bidding improvements
• ironSource network improvements
• no internet connectivity application goes to background scenarios optimizations with the SDK performance
• Various bug fixes
6.8.2 2019/02/21 • Interstitial – In-app bidding improvements
6.8.1 2019/01/10 Rewarded Video – Automatic Rewarded Video mechanism optimized and is more adapted to work with longer session times as well as recovering from no-fill scenarios.
• Bug fixes and improvements
     • shouldTrackNetworkState flag disables bug fix.
     • Bug fix under certain scenarios where mediation did not request banners by the desired order.
• Offerwall – callback implementation improvement. 2018/12/03 • Support in ironSource network banners
• Crash fixed
6.8.0 2018/11/21 • IronSource.onResume & IronSource.onPause logs added
• Rewarded Video logic enhancements
• Integration Helper reporting additions
• Memory leak fix
• Banners crash issue fix
6.7.12 2018/10/10 • Plenty enhancements for banner mediation including: Supporting all standard banner sizes, supporting custom banner size and events’ mechanism significant improvements. (SDK is not backward compatible, in case using banner, make sure to update the relevant adapters to the latest version available)
6.7.11 2018/09/05 • Fixed minor bugs related to RV and interstitial load & show fail
6.7.10 2018/07/16 • Plenty enhancements for banner mediation including: Events accuracy, Keep banner refresh in case refresh fails. (Adapters aren’t backward compatible, in case using banner, make sure to update the relevant adapters to the latest version available)
• Crush fix on Redmi note 5 devices 2018/06/13 • Minor bug fixes for ironSource network related to orientation
2018/05/10 • Update targetSdkVersion to 26
• Add consent API
• Adjust analytics events to flushed upon impression
6.7.8 2018/03/29 • Add multiple instances support for banners
6.7.7 2018/02/28 • Adjust Banner mediation core logic – banner refresh rate is now enforced by the mediation layer (Developers should turn off refresh rate at the networks dashboard)
6.7.6 2018/02/15 • Integration Helper improvements
6.7.5 2018/01/16 • Interstitial fill rate enhancements
6.7.4 2018/01/07 • Adding support for Interstitial multiple instances
• Fixed missing Offerwall show fail callback when there’s no network