ironSource provides advanced APIs to get and set data on various entities.

All API calls should be made with the following base:
System wide response content type: application/json

ironSource offers a full suite of monetization APIs:

Reporting API 

  • Get all the reporting data from the monetization ad units you serve with ironSource, including multiple metrics such as revenue, impressions and active users, etc. across several breakdowns and optional filters

User Ad Revenue API 

  • Get your user level ad revenue report with ironSource and your mediated ad networks. The response will include the following breakdowns: user ID, Advertising ID, ad unit, Country, Ad Network, Segment and Placement.

Application API

  • Get a list of your applications and its attributions
  • Create an application 

Instance API

  • Get a list of your application’s instances and its attributions
  • Create an ironSource instance
  • Update an ironSource instance
  • Delete an instance