As of SDK 18.0.0, AdMob migrated from Android Support Libraries to Jetpack (AndroidX) Libraries. Refer to the Google Play services release notes for more information.

Due to this, when choosing to use AdMob as a demand source, it’s required that your project will use Jetpack Libraries (Android X). If you’re using an old support library you can use the  Migration Tool to migrate your project to use AndoridX. 

In case you can not migrate the project using this tool, you can use the following flags in Android Studio, to build your project using AndroidX. 


In cases when AdMob ad source is required, but a migration to AndroidX is unwanted, please reach the account manager or contact us

Unity Integration Manager and AndroidX 

If you are using Unity Integration Manager you can migrate to AndroidX using the Android Resolver. 

  1. Go to: Assets > Android Resolver > Settings 
  2. Enable Use Jetifier.
  3. Save your changes  

Supported Networks 

The following networks support AndroidX and don’t require manual migration to AndroidX. 

Ad Network ironSource Adapter Version Network SDK Version
AdMob Android 4.3.4 , Unity 4.3.5 18.1.1
AppLovin Android 4.3.5, Unity 4.3.5 9.9.1
Chartboost Android 4.3.0, Unity 4.3.0 8.0.1
Meta Audience
Android 4.3.3, Unity 4.3.4 5.3.0
Digital Turbine Android 4.3.2, Unity 4.3.1 7.4.0
InMobi Android 4.3.2, Unity 4.3.3 9.0.1
Tapjoy Android 4.1.6, Unity 4.1.7 12.3.1
UnityAds Android 4.1.5, Unity 4.1.5 3.2.0
Vungle Android 4.1.7, Unity 4.1.12 6.5.3