ironSource's Mediation Platform

The ironSource Mediation platform supports Video, Interstitial and Banner Ads from leading ad networks. Within one SDK, you can now access premium ad inventory to maximize ad performance and revenue!

Easy Integration

The ironSource SDK grants developers access to ad inventory from leading ad networks. The Mediation platform provides one easy solution to maximize your Video and Interstitial inventory on a global scale.
The Mediation platform supports Video and Interstitial ads from leading networks including AdColony, AppLovin and Chartboost.


Once you’ve integrated the ironSource SDK and downloaded the adaptors of the ad networks you wish to run mediation with, follow the Ad Networks Set Up guide to set up relevant networks on your ironSource Dashboard.

Optimized Performance

Once you’ve integrated all the ad networks in your app and on your ironSource dashboard, you can manage your selected mediation ad networks to optimize your ad performance.

Our Mediation platform includes an Auto Optimization algorithm that utilizes real-time trends to estimate and compare the eCPM performance of the mediated ad networks. This algorithm identifies the ad networks’ with the highest eCPM so you can serve top performing ad campaigns in your applications. The Mediation platform also supports Manual Priority for developers with a flat-rate eCPM agreements with ad networks on the Mediation platform.

Learn how to manage your mediation networks efficiently on our Mediation Management documentation.

Comprehensive Reports

The ironSource Mediation reports provides valuable data on your ad revenue as well as deep insights into your users’ interaction with the ads you serve. With a range of breakdowns and filters, our reporting module strives to provide full transparency and control over your mediation performance. Our monetization reports now include unique user-based data such as Daily Active Users (DAU) and Revenue per Active User (ARPU) as key performance indicators (KPIs).

Read more on our reporting module and how to leverage unique-user data to benefit your monetization strategy in the Mediation Reports article.