Mediating ironSource through MoPub

This guide is for integrating ironSource Interstitial & Rewarded Video Ads through the MoPub Mediation SDK. ironSource is a certified partner within MoPub Mediation. (See – MoPub supported Mediation partners)

  • Download ironSource SDK
    • iOS
      • CocoaPods (recommended) – add the following line to your project’s Podfile:

        pod 'MoPub-IronSource-Adapters'
      • Manual integration – Follow ironSource iOS SDK ‘Manual Integration’.
    • Android
    • Unity
      • Import the ironSource packages as described here. You can find the both iOS and Android SDKs in the steps above.
        Following Step. 2 In their guide, choose ironSource’s adapter.
  • Follow MoPub guide for adding a ‘supported network’ on their platform
  • Instances
    (Instances setup allows you to enjoy ironSource network demand in several Orders or Line Items for the same app)

    • Click on ‘Orders’ in the MoPub dashboard
    • Click ‘Create Order’
      • Enter the ‘Order Name’ (for example: ironSource Order)
      • Enter the ‘Advertiser’ (for example: ironSource)
    • Setup each line item with a dedicated ironSource Instance ID:
      • Set ‘Type & Priority’ as ‘Network’, and set your desired priority
      • Enter the ‘Name’ (for example: ‘ironSource top priority’)
      • For ‘Network’, select ‘ironSource’
      • For ‘Override Instance ID’, set the instance ID for ironSource network (Guide for creation of instances can be found here)
      • Setup ‘Ad Unit Targeting’  according to the relevant Ad Unit that you want to target the Line Item to

Done! You are now all set to deliver ironSource ads through MoPub’s Mediation platform.