ironSource Instances

New! You can now leverage additional ad delivery instances of iS network. We support multiple network instances for Rewarded Video and Interstitial.

You can choose to position one instance in the Manual section with an exclusive deal with the ad network, while also serving another instance of this ad network in the Auto Optimization section; thus expanding your revenue opportunities from a single network.Multiple placements in the waterfall for these ad networks help optimize ad revenue. 

To set up an additional instance simply go to the Ad Units & Placements page, choose the ad unit you’d like to add additional iS instances to and click on the ‘Edit‘ icon to open the App Settings window:


At this stage you have only the default instance created, to add an additional instance for ironSource network click on ‘+ Add Network Instance’:4

To add an ironSource network instance, you will need to provide a unique instance name and press ‘save’:5

Once you save the defined instances for the ironSource network, we will generate an Instance ID for you.  You can retrieve this ID by navigating to the newly created instance table at the Ad Units & Placements page:


Done! You’ve successfully added additional ironSource instances!
Check out our best practices guide here for tips on how to most effectively manage your waterfall