Custom Parameters for Unity

The ironSource SDK supports the ability for you to pass Custom Parameters on the initialization of your chosen Ad Units and to receive this data upon user’s completion event.


  1. Custom parameters work only in conjunction with server-to-server completion callbacks. You will receive the parameter as part of the callback string.
  2. You may insert more than one custom parameter to the Init request.

Implementation Example

If you’d like to receive the IP of the user as an additional parameter in the completion callback for users who engaged with the Offerwall ad unit, you should use:

Map<String, String> owParams = new HashMap<String,String>();
owParams.put("ip", "");
IronSourceConfig.Instance.setOfferwallCustomParams (owParams.toString());

You will then receive a corresponding callback as such:[USER_ID]&rewards=[REWARDS]&eventId=[EVENT_ID]&itemName=[ITEM_NAME]&custom_ip=

Implementation Code

Rewarded Video


  • Custom Parameters can be added once per session for Rewarded Video.
  • Custom Parameters should be called before initiating the Rewarded Video.
Map<String, String> rvParams = new HashMap<String,String>();
rvParams.put("key1", "value1");
rvParams.put("key2", "value2");
IronSourceConfig.Instance.setRewardedVideoCustomParams (rvParams.toString());



  • Custom Parameters should be called before calling showOfferwall.
Map<String, String> owParams = new HashMap<String,String>();
owParams.put("key1", "value1");
owParams.put("key2", "value2");
IronSourceConfig.Instance.setOfferwallCustomParams (owParams.toString());