Viewing User Acquisition Reports

Monitoring your promotion campaigns’ performance will help you understand the success of your acquisition efforts and improve specific campaigns accordingly.

To view promotional reports navigate to Promote ➣ Reports:Supersonic App Promotion Reports


You can filter the reports by app, country, Status, or date.

Click Export CSV to export the Table View to a CSV file.
The CSV file downloads to your computer.


Promotion Performance:
Supersonic App Promotion Dashboard reporting

Each campaign that you create appears as a row in the Promotion Performance list, which reports the performance indicators for all of your past and present campaigns.

Under Break By, you can filter the campaigns to slim the selection down. You can break the list by campaign, Day or Country. Adding a Break By criterion adds a column to the Promotion Performance, and rearranges the campaigns by that criteria.
You can also use the Quick Filter to search for Campaign Name or Campaign IDs.
Click on the column header to sort the campaigns by one of the columns. Click it again to reverse the order.

Each row represents one campaign, and contains the following information:

  • Campaign ID: The campaign’s internal ID
  • Campaign Name: The campaign’s name
  • App: The app’s name
  • Payout/Bid: Amount you pay per install
  • Impressions: How many times the campaign was initiated
  • Clicks: How many times the ad was clicked
  • Completions: How many times the app was installed
  • Spend: How much money you have spent so far, a result of Bid x Completions
  • Click Rate: Rate of Impressions that end in Clicks
  • Completion Rate: Rate of Clicks that end in Completions