Campaign Overview

The Campaign Overview page provides an abstract of all the information and options for a specific campaign.

To view the Campaign Overview page, navigate to Promote Campaignsand then click on the ‘Campaign Overview‘ icon:Supersonic App Promotion Campaign Overview

The Campaign Overview page will then appear. On this page you will find tools to analyze, edit and export your campaign.

  • You can limit the days that the Performance list covers using the Date filter in the upper-left corner.
    This icon limits the days that the Performance list covers to only the lifetime of the campaign:
    Campaign Overview 1
  • This icon opens a preview in another tab of the ad unit:Campaign Overview 2
  • This icon opens the Campaign Wizard to edit the campaign:
    Campaign Overview 3
  • This icon duplicates the campaign to use as a base in creating a new campaign, saving time and reducing possible errors:
    Campaign Overview 4
  • This icon exports and downloads the Performance list to a CSV file:
    Campaign Overview 5Underneath these icons you will find relevant information on your campaign:
  • Active/Inactive: The campaign’s current status
  • ID: The campaign’s internal ID
  • Bid/Payout: Amount you paying per install
  • Budget: The campaign’s maximum budget
  • Booked Completions: Total installs possible with your current budget and bid
  • Start Date: The campaign’s start date
  • End Date: The campaign’s end date (if you’ve set an end date)
  • Time Zone: The time zone in which the campaign operates


Performance list:

The Performance list is by default arranged by day, with Day selected under Break By. You can also organize the Performance list by Country.
Each row in the list represents one campaign, and contains the following information:

  • Day (in UTC+0): The dates which the campaign was active
  • Impressions: The amount of times the campaign was initiated
  • Clicks: The amount of times the ad was clicked
  • Completions: The amount of times the app was installed
  • Spend: The amount of money you have spent so far, the result of Bid x Completions
  • Click Rate: Rate of Impressions ending in Clicks
  • Completion Rate: Rate of Clicks ending in Completions