Mediation Management

ironSource supports leading Ad Networks on the Mediation platform. Once you’ve integrated the network adapter in your code and set up the network on your dashboard, you can serve Mediated ads on your app based on eCPM prediction and geo. Follow this guide to manage your Mediation layer effectively on your dashboard!

Before You Start

  • Make sure you have correctly integrated the ironSource Rewarded Video and/or Interstitial in your application.
  • To set up and select Ad Networks to run with on the Mediation platform, follow this article.

Step 1. Navigate to the Mediation Management Page

Once you log in to your ironSource account, go to ‘Monetize‘ ➣ ‘Mediation‘ ➣ ‘Management‘.


Step 2. Select Your Application & Ad Unit

You will see a list of Applications on the left-hand side. Select the app you’ve already set up with ad networks on the mediation platform and would like to manage.

Next, select the Ad Unit tab to manage Rewarded Video or Interstitial delivery from the ironSource and Mediation Networks:

Step 3. Select Geo

Select the country or group that you’d like to define the ad source priority for; use the search bar to find a specific country or click ‘Add‘ to create a new group and drag ‘n drop countries in it.  Creating customized groups of countries helps manage ad networks easier and compare the predicted eCPMs more effectively. For example, by arranging your best performing countries in one group  (for example ‘Top Countries’), you can efficiently gather information on the estimated revenue as well as manage the ad source priority of these specific countries.

You will then see the Ad Source Priority options for the selected geo on the right-hand side.



  • All group names must be unique. 
  • The country groups you define here will only be accessible for the specific application you selected in Step 2.
  • You can only delete groups when they are empty, so you must drag the countries out of the group before deleting it.

Step 4. Define Priority for Mediation Networks

Once you’ve selected the geo, you can manage the ad networks’ delivery priority.

First Time Mediation Setup
We recommend running on Auto Optimized Priority, so the Mediation algorithm can extract data and estimate eCPMs.

The Auto Optimized Priority section reflects network prioritization based on real-time optimization through ironSource Mediation algorithm. This means that the ad delivery in your apps from these ad networks will be optimized by highest-ranking eCPM. The Auto Optimized Priority section ensures you always serve the highest paying ads first.

Alternatively, you can override the Auto Optimized Priority by dragging and dropping the specific ad networks in the Manual Priority section. Once you’ve positioned an ad network to the Manual Priority section, your app will serve ads from that ad network first, regardless of the predicted eCPM. This section is intended for exclusive, predetermined eCPM deals with a particular ad network. If you add more then one ad network to Manual Priority, ads will be served in the order of the listed ad networks; as exemplified below, your app will receive video ads from UnityAds first, followed by AdColony and AppLovin.


! Manual Priority Scheduling & Capping

  • As fixed eCPM deals with other ad networks are usually limited to a certain time span, you can now schedule when an ad network will be switched back to Auto Optimized Priority. This ensures you don’t miss out on the potential revenue of even one ad impression. By default, the end date for the ad network in Manual Priority is scheduled for 7 days after the swap.
  • If you have several ad networks in the Manual Priority section, you can now limit the amount of ads served from one network; ensuring your app serves ads from the other networks in the section as well.The below popup will appear when you drag ‘n drop a mediation network from Auto Optimization Priority to Manual Priority. Simply enter your preferred settings and ‘Set to Manual‘.


You now receive ad delivery from Mediation networks as defined on your dashboard!