Tracking Guidelines

In a Cost Per Install user acquisition campaign, the end users install your app from the app store and you pay for every successful install that originated from the ad. ironSource tracks every  app install and receives a special notification for each successful app install.

Integrating a Tracking solution is mandatory for CPI campaigns, and therefore in the 5th step in the Campaign Wizard, you will be prompted to select one of the following:

  • ironSource SDK tracking
  • Third-Party tracking

ironSource SDK Tracking

ironSource SDK tracking is a free service that tracks the app installs generated from the user acquisition campaigns you set up on our platform.

Important! Follow this article to integrate ironSource SDK before you set up a user acquisition campaign.

ironSource receives notifications through the SDK tracking as follows:

  1. You integrate the ironSource SDK into your app to use the SDK tracking.
  2. Once you activate the campaign, users will see your ad and follow the link to the application store to install your app.
  3. The user downloads and installs the app.
  4. When the user opens your app, our SDK is loaded.
  5. The loading event tracks the app install back to the campaign. This way we can know a user actually installed your app after clicking on the ad.

Third-Party Tracking

Third-party SDK tracking usually involves paid services who provide advanced tracking abilities to track and understand user behavior via user acquisition campaigns.

ironSource supports the following third-party tracking providers:

  • Tune
  • Ad-X
  • Kochava
  • AppsFlyer
  • AdEven/
  • Tenjin
Important! If you choose a third party solution, make sure to follow instructions which appear below the drop down menu to generate a click URL:

ironSource receives the third-party notifications as follows:

  1. You install the SDK of a third-party tracking service.
  2. From the tracking service, you generate a tracking URL containing the campaign ID, and provide it to us.
  3. You activate the campaign, and users see your ad on our various media, follow the link to the application store, and install your app.
  4. ironSource sends the IDs of all users that clicked on your ad to the tracking service.
  5. The tracking service tracks all the IDs of the users that installed and then opened the app.
  6. The tracking service matches the ID of the users that ironSource provided with the user IDs of those who opened your app.
  7. The tracking service sends us the click URL, which contains the campaign ID and the user ID of the match. This way we know that a user actually installed your app after clicking on our ad.


Note: If you are interested in running a campaign with a budget of $1000 or more, you will have the option to use our server-to-server tracking service. Please contact your account manager for more information.