Client-Side Callback Settings

Supersonic’s reward-based ad units support client-side callbacks to notify you to grant rewards to users after Rewarded Video and Offerwall completion events:

You can also use server-to-server callbacks to grant rewards to users after successful ad completion events. To do so, follow our server-to-server setup documentation.

To enable Client-Side Callbacks, follow these steps:

Step 1. Implement Client-Side Notification Code

Implement the Client-Side notification and its related handlers in your app’s code as described in the specific ad unit integration document. For Offerwall, continue here. For Rewarded Video, continue here.

Step 2. Select Reward Notification Method

  1. Navigate to Monetize Ad Settings, select your app:
    Client Side Integration Ad Setting -Page
  2. Select Callbacks:
    Client Side Integration Ad Setting Page Callback Tab
  3. Select Client-Side Events:
    Client Side Integration Ad Setting Page Client Callback Events

  1. Offerwall Callbacks: When choosing your reward notification method, select either client-side events or server-to-server callbacks.
  2. Rewarded Video Callbacks: We recommend using both client-side events and server-to-server callbacks when using the server-side events to trigger the user reward, as the authenticity of the callback can be verified. Make sure not to reward the user twice for the same event.